Seaweed Salad Recipe (Ensaladang Lato)

Seaweed Salad or Ensaladang Lato is a type of Filipino salad that makes use of edible seaweed as its main ingredient. These types of seaweeds are sometimes called sea grapes because of its grape-like appearance.

This recipe features two different types of Lato: the small circular variety and the bigger ones with an oval shape. Choose which type you like. I had to make use of both because I got these fresh from the wet market and I wanted to taste both types while at this condition. The result was as expected; both turned out fresh and delicious. It was the best side dish for fried fish and grilled squid.

Seaweed Salad Recipe (Ensaladang Lato)

I enjoy having ensalada for my Filipino meal. I enjoy ensaladang lato as much as I liked ensaladang talong.


The good thing about making seaweed salad is its ease in preparation. It is just like making a dip for your crispy pata: combine all the ingredients in a bowl (except for the lato), mix well, and add the lato. Toss. Leave it for a few minutes to soak and then you can enjoy it.

This edible seaweed is abundant in the Philippines. The lady from the wet market where I got these from told me that these were from Batangas. I am sure that this seaweed or its similar varieties are scattered all around the country. I even read an interesting storynarrating an experience in harvesting lato in Palawan. That sounds quite an adventure.

Try this Seaweed Salad Recipe (Ensaladang Lato). Let me know what you think.

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