Pork Steak Recipe (How to Cook Pork Chop Steak)

Pork Steak is a variation of Bistek Tagalog. Pork chops are used in this recipe. These are marinated in lime and soy sauce and then cooked with lots of onions. It is a good dish to cook for either lunch or dinner. Serve it with warm white rice.

How to Cook Pork Steak

Making your own pork steak at home is simple and easy. This recipe is intended for beginners. This means that you can make this dish even if you are a newbie in the kitchen.

Start by marinating the pork chops in lime and soy sauce. You can also use calamansi or lemon as a replacement for lime. Combine pork, lime, and soy sauce in a resealable bag, mix well, seal the bag and marinate for at least one hour. I prefer marinating longer for better results.

We’ll need to pan-fry the pork after marinating it to give the pork a good texture. Separate the remaining marinade and set it aside. Heat oil in a pan and start to fry one side of the pork for 3 minutes ones it gets hot. Flip the pork and do the same step.


Pour the remaining marinade into the pan with the fried pork chops. Add water and let boil. The pork needs to be tenderized by boiling. Cover the pan and boil between low to medium heat for 45 minutes or until the pork is tender.

I also add a bit of sugar, but it is optional. Put-in the onions and season with salt and ground black pepper. Cook for 3 minutes more. You may also add water if you like more sauce on your dish.

I like to eat pork steak with steamed rice. I usually pour the sauce over the rice and top it with lots of onions. When in the mood, I can consume two cups of rice with this dish.

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Try this Pork Steak Recipe and let me know what you think

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